Nardo Art

Nardo Art is a website that shows the art works of Anna Jo Nardo.


This is a picture of my favorite piece of work up until this point. It is a colored pencil that is entitled "Vibrant Love". This is a picture of my ex boyfriend and myself, and the ironic part of this picture is that I never wanted to do a picture of my boyfriend and I for a couple of different reasons. Typical students at my high school always did pictures of themselves and their significant other, so I always wanted to stay away from doing one of my boyfriend and myself. Another reason that I did not want to do a picture like this is because I mainly liked doing pictures of my sister in different mediums. I would rather draw her with her long eye lashes and the details of her face because I feel that girls sometimes show more expression on their faces. I am very happy that my ex boyfriend was persistent about me doing this because without this picture, I would not be attending West Virginia University as an art and design student. I had entered this picture in an art show and won an art scholarship at West Virginia University, which was entirely unexpected, and to be honest, I did not even consider taking this offer until around March, about two months after receiving this scholarship in January. If it were not for this picture, I would be going to school elsewhere, and I would not be studying art. I am thrilled that I get to go to school for something that I love and have always wanted to do.