Hello, I am Anna Jo Nardo, a freshman studying Art and Design at West Virginia University. This website contains information on my art works and also holds pictures of the art I have created. I hope to continue my studies in the field of art at WVU and one day live out my dreams through art, whichever field of art that may be and wherever that goal may take me. I look forward to growing as an artist and I hope that I can inspire others through art the way I have been inspired by other artists. I hope that those who are interested in art will be courageous enough to follow their dreams and goals into the field of art and not be afraid to make mistakes. "An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail." --Edwin Land. As an artist, I have learned that I must work with what I have. If I make a mistake, I must make that mistake look like it had a purpose.

This link will take you to my "Elevator Speech". This speech is suppose to be a quick way to tell someone about myself. I describe myself a little bit and say what my future goals are here. Enjoy.